09.01.16 - Jam is 10...

A big thank you to thank everyone who has worked with jam over the last ten years. Jam looks forward to continuing to work with you towards a sustainable future. Jam is 10

16.01.15 - Lichfield Council committed to early review of Local Plan

Planning Inspector Robert Yuille's report for Lichfield District Council's Local Plan has committed the Council to an early review of the plan if a need for further housing is established by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership's (GBSLEP) joint Housing Study and Strategic Spatial Plan, currently being prepared.

05.01.15 - Further work needed by Birmingham on Housing Need & Sustainability Appraisal

Planning Inspector Roger Clews' Interim Findings of the Examination of Birmingham City Council's Development Plan (BDP) state that further work is required to establish an objectively assessed housing need for the housing market area. Further SA work also needs to be carried out in order to ensure that all reasonable alternatives have been assessed at the same level of detail as the option taken forward in the submitted plan. The BDP will also need to set out a mechanism for monitoring the provision made by other LPAs towards Birmingham's identified housing shortfall.

11.11.14 - Sustainability Appraisal found 'inadequate' and 'not legally compliant' by Inspector for East Staffordshire

Planning Inspector Brian Simms' Interim Findings have found East Staffordshire Borough Council's Revised Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the Local Plan 'inadequate' and 'not legally compliant'. The Inspector considers that the SA is therefore deficient as a source of evidence and that significant work will be required to rectify the situation.